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Skype sessions are perfect for students new and old to Pilates. If you can't make it to the gym due to scheduling, don't live in NYC, or just prefer working out in the comfort of your own home, an hour online can offer flexibility and ease.

Skype sessions are available by the hour.

Taylor is offering FREE 20-minute “Teaser” sessions on Tuesday afternoons for June 2019. While we may indeed do the “teaser” exercise, the aim of this 20-minute workout is to prepare you for future Skype sessions. We will identify your goals and needs, find the ideal setup for your space, and move through basic exercises to assess and decide on a plan of attack. Take advantage of this opportunity to check in with your body and discover what Skype Pilates with Taylor can do for you! Now booking Tuesdays 3-5pm through September!

What you need:

-enough space to lay down a towel or mat

-a reliable internet connection with Skype or FaceTime

-optional props if you have them such as a stretch band, yoga strap, yoga block, small ball, foam roller, small weights

-for Skype sessions, it is suggested to prepare your mat or towel on a diagonal with your phone or computer 3-4 feet away for optimal viewing


Pricing options are available for single sessions and class cards of 5 or 8 sessions. Yes you may do a duet session and split the cost.


Taylor's approach to teaching applies the precision and accuracy of alignment to the joy of movement so that all clients meet their individual goals, whether that’s sculpting and toning, recovering from an injury, or improving balance and flexibility. Taylor creates custom workouts for students of all ages and abilities, designing an exercise flow that keeps moving and improving.

Taylor believes there’s a fine line between stressing and stretching muscles and she aims to tailor sessions to eliminate pain. She is experienced with clients with challenges  such as extreme weight loss, torn ACL, hip and knee replacements, chronic back pain, glaucoma, blindness, and MS, as well as with healthy weekend warriors, professional dancers, and athletes. Through her work clients improve functional movement, develop deep core strength, and refine their ideal body aesthetic.

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